Relationship Intelligence & STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Seminar

Join us on July 15, 2017 for Relationship Intelligence Training in historic Harpers Ferry, WV.  Receive STAR Guide certification and be ready to teach youth and adults about the benefits of sexual abstinence before marriage.  Click here for details.

Relationship Intelligence Training for your School, Church or Organization

Urban Life Training provides character-based HIV/AIDS prevention and Relationship Intelligence education.  We provide presentations, weekly programs and training seminars on a fee for service basis.  Up to a 90 minute presentation for parent groups is free.

STAR Interfaith Leadership Training:

STAR Interfaith Leadership Training raises youth to be leaders who are confident in their decision to remain sexually abstinent before marriage.  Participants learn about the benefits of sexual abstinence.  In addition they learn God-centered principles including the spiritual basis for God-centered families.  Together both of these elements provide a rock solid foundation for a life of success, fulfillment and happiness.

View the Weekly agenda here.

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